Source: eKapija | Monday, 30.03.2020.| 15:00
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Production of Innovative Facemasks, Serbian Invention, Begins – First Deliveries in Two and a Half Weeks

Illustration (Photo: Unsplash/Ashkan Forouzani)
The lack of medical equipment in the whole world, primarily facemasks, has forced local innovators to rely on their own inventions. CCS Solutions has started producing new protective masks with a replaceable HEPA filter for multiple and long-term use – LifeMask, and the first deliveries are expected in two and a half weeks.

– The masks can be reused, feature a unique ergonomic design, made to fit the face, and the filter only lets the air in. The filter part fully filters the air, including viruses, gases, pollution and particles. These are industrial filters, of very high quality, and can be used for various purposes. The filters are replaced after 120 hours of use, that is, after around 14 days or after they appear to be clogged – Nikola Krstic, the creator of the masks, explains for eKapija.

The first quantities, supported by the Innovation Fund, will be distributed to large companies which still work, to protect the employees, and the plan is for the offer to then be expanded to pharmacies and retail outlets, as well as to establish online sale.

– The project of the Innovation Fund envisages the production of 30,000 masks in the first month, but we will not stop there, we will expand the capacities and go for mass production, as the need for it is apparent – says Krstic, an already famous young Serbian scientist, who designed the glove for the blind.

The price, according to him, is still forming, and the masks will cost several hundred dinars.

– As a company, we have waived the profit. All income will be put in expansion of the capacities and covering of production expenses – Krstic points out.

He explains that masks are simply disinfected by rubbing them with alcohol, and the disinfected package will feature several filters, the mask, protective rubber for the face and elastic bands.

The masks are registered as non-medical devices, and the company announces that a new version of this product is being prepared for medical certification.

Let us remind that the Innovation Fund has approved RSD 53 million for the financing of 12 innovative projects by companies aiming to counter the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

I. Milovanovic
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