Source: Vijesti | Friday, 27.03.2020.| 12:01
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Humanitarians from Montenegro Make Visors for Medical Workers with 3D Printers

Illustration (Photo: YouTube/Screenshot)
A group of enthusiasts, humanitarians and volunteers, among whom are producers, designers, photographers, artists and medical doctors, have joined their forces in helping the health workers in Montenegro by 3D printing protective visors and delivering them to all health centers in Montenegro.

– We asked around a bit and were told by medical workers that 3D printed visors would be of help. In this difficult time for everyone, Montenegro was nevertheless lucky not to be among the most affected states, so the experience of other countries helped us buy time and copy some models which are already available and which have been tested by medical experts. We can mention the Czech producer Prusa, which developed the model in cooperation with their Ministry of Health and quickly made it available worldwide – Vijesti's interviewees say and point out that neither of them wants to use this as personal promotion by having their name published “as they didn't invent this technology and this model, and they also don't want to set them selves apart individually or profit in this manner.”

When it was announced that their initiative and the visor were greenlit by health workers, the most important representatives of the 3D printing sector in Montenegro soon joined forces.

– There are representatives of our Montenegrin 3D printing facilities – 3D Soba and Open Box Studio, the University of Donja Gorica, Mtel Digitalna Fabrika, Sutjeska elementary school, Stampar Makarije and Oktoih, the Library for the Visually Impaired of Montenegro, the company Masinski Centar – Remid Vis doo and a number of individuals with home printers. We also owe a great deal of gratitude to companies Oracal Policarbonati and Stefani91, which donated the protective foils, and also to all those individuals who called and provided information – they say for Vijesti and explain that they need the transparent 0.5-mm foil and elastic bands which keep the visors in place.

The first visors produced were sent to the Clinical Center and then they also started producing them for health centers. On the first day, over 200 were sent to Montenegrin health institutions. As the need for visors is great, everyone is making an effort and they point out that “everyone who knows how to use this technology is welcome.”

– The aim is to help those most exposed and most important at the moment, the medical staff. That's why it's very important for all of us to make an effort to this end, as the need is great, and we want to be able to help everyone. We need everyone who knows how to use this technology. The 3D model is computer-processed and then connected to the printer. Finally, transparent foils are applied. After it is tested, the visor is sent to health workers – Vijesti's interviewees say and add that it's still very important “for all of us to be together in this process and to share the experience and the progress, as this allows us to work more quickly and efficiently.”
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