Source: Novosti | Thursday, 26.03.2020.| 14:54
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Innovative Mask Invented by Young Scientists from Serbia – Production Soon to Start in Indjija?

Illustration (Photo: YouTube/screenshot)
Young scientist Nikola Krstic from Belgrade and his Anora team have designed a “life mask”, a facemask for protection from coronavirus. This is a unique product in Serbia, which was presented to the Innovation Fund on Monday, March 23, 2020, and which is now awaiting approval for production.

In his interview for Novosti, Nikola revealed that the mask is made from HIPS plastic with special filters. As he says, it can be used even after the Covid-19 epidemic ends, as protection against various kinds of pollution.

– The mask will have X-13 filters, which will clear the air. The filters can be replaced each 10 to 14 days, and they can be cleaned in boiling water. What's important now is to be able to produce around 100,000 masks in a month. This is a fully domestic product, which will be produced in a factory in Indjija. The masks should be free, and if that proves impossible, they will cost around RSD 200 – Nikola explains.

Krstic is already known for his glove for the blind. He is now the director of a startup company and has received a grant of USD 80,000 for perfecting his invention. The final version of the glove is expected in May and should feature two new functions and the possibility of being controlled at the touch of a finger.
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