Source: Tanjug | Wednesday, 25.03.2020.| 13:39
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First Measures of Support to Economy in 10 Days – Several Billion Euros Announced

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced that the state would secure substantial help to the economy, that a serious set of measures are being prepared and that several billion euros will be invested in the private sector.

– In ten days, maybe earlier, we will come out with the first big and important measures and then see what else we can do and what we can expect from you – Vucic said during his visit to volunteers and companies sending help to those who need it.

Vucic also pointed out that Serbia had met the crisis with more readiness than some other countries.

– I guarantee that the state will provide you with substantial help – Vucic told the companies.

He thanked them for donating large quantities of their products and money for the machines which are difficult to procure at the moment.

– You have shown not just that you are responsible, but that you are patriotic, for which I am very grateful – he said.

The president says that large and successful companies are also affected by the situation and that the state is therefore preparing a large and serious set of measures for them.

He said that Serbia would not drastically lower the salaries in the public sector.

Vucic added that there would be talks with companies about corporate bonds and other ways for the state to help them, so as to save the private sector.

He, however, noted that people's health was the priority at the moment.

As for the measures, he says that there are two approaches when it comes to wages and taxes and that the best solution for both the state and the employers will be sought.

As he said, the public sector is experiencing hardship at the moment, but is still in a relatively good state if compared with the countries in the region. He also emphasizes that the state wants to strengthen the private sector.

– We will adopt good measures. I'm not saying that insolvency can be covered, but I'm sure that the losses will be lower than expected – Vucic said.
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