Source: eKapija | Thursday, 17.09.2020.| 17:10
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Contech tool for communication on construction sites – One step closer to improving efficiency

(Photo: PlanRadar)
Thanks to PlanRadar solution for digital documentation and communication in the construction industry and real estate business, constructors in 45 countries worldwide have already saved EUR 500 million and more than seven hours of administrative time per week.

Construction projects entail the exchange of huge amount of data.
Great deal of information and documents such as preliminary and main designs, variation orders, safety order and quality reports are exchanged on the daily. As the project grows, the amount of data and the number of project participants increase reducing the efficiency in decision-making by the responsible persons and slowing down and protracting communication. Communication issues on construction sites can manifest in several ways:

– The communication process isn`t standardized – logging errors or deficiencies or leaving comments is done through a variety of communication tools – emails, Excel spreadsheets, texts, Viber and WhatsApp apps, notes on paper designs, post-its and phone calls which is then analyzed and used for making decisions and tracking project realization. All it takes is one forgotten or missed message to instantly lead to chain reaction of mistakes, that get noticed when it`s already too late.

– Documents exchanges are not related to each other, some data are doubled, other are classified differently, in different formats. All of the above can cause confusion and additional errors.

(Photo: PlanRadar)
– Reading and analyzing a huge amount of data by the people in charge delays decision making thus delaying work performance.

– Unless verbal agreements and work orders are logged correctly it could subsequently lead to conflicting interpretation or setting priorities.

– Long chains of command in the decision-making process delay the operations, especially when project managers are swamped with work or suddenly absent and a crucial decision needs to be made.

Problems listed are a common nuisance for contractors and investors and they often cause multimillion losses compared to the planned investment, either through direct expenses or through postponing the construction deadlines.

The modern construction sector has been turning to Contech technologies for solutions to these and similar problems, making operations easier. One of the fresh products on the market has recently come from the region, from the renowned company PlanRadar based in Austria. Its eponymous application for communication, monitoring of flaws on construction sites and project management improves cooperation and transparency in all project phases, managing users` needs, use of resources and the documentation itself. All this makes monitoring and reporting on assets employed easier. What prompts the professionals on over 25,000 projects om a weekly basis to use PlanRadar app?

(Photo: PlanRadar)
– PlanRadar is a central communication platform, available in Serbia, which provides all functions and tools for overall documentation and project management. With PlanRadar software all engineers and construction workers can access the necessary data immediately without tedious browsing or being overwhelmed with irrelevant data. This further means they can quickly set priorities, evaluate completed tasks and if need be, check if their documentation is available after the warranty period is over. All communication between projects member is saved chronologically on a cloud-based platform, which improves efficiency when it comes to vital tools and memory size, says Bojan Petkovic, the Country Manager for Southeast Europe at PlanRadar.

Based on the user feedback – and today PlanRadar has over 60,000 users in over 8,000 companies around the world – using the app saves between 5 and 11 hours on a weekly basis, which amounts to around 17% of the total working hours. Users reported up to 70% of cost reduction per project. With PlanRadar documents can be automatically saved in PDF form which can be adapted to user and task needs thus sending email communicatio. Excel spreadsheets or tape recorders on site to history. Everything that can be recorded with a phone is automatically saved in the app and reaches the intended user.

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