Source: RTV | Wednesday, 26.02.2020.| 11:40
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Pristina reconsidering tariffs

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The Ministry of Economy of the temporary Pristina institutions has formed a team for reconsidering the trade barriers and will recommend to the government to either remove or keep the 100% tariffs on the import of Serbia goods, as announced by the Kosovo Online portal, citing the Pristina-based Gazeta Express.

The team, which consists of nine members from various institutions, has been working for a week now. They should make recommendations for how to avoid the barriers and, in line with that, whether the tariff should be removed or not.

The team was founded by decision of the economy minister, Rozeta Hajdari.

Based on the document which the Pristina-based TV station T7 came in possession of, the team consists of representatives of the various departments of the Ministry of Trade, who also participate in the Kosovo Food and Veterinary Agency, FoNet reports.

The group involves representatives of companies, the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo, the Manufacturing Club and the Business Chamber.

What's left out of the group is the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. This chamber told TV T7 that their position will need to be heard, Kosovo Online writes.

The ministry led by Rozeta Hajdari says that they are constantly communicating with the American Chamber of Commerce.

– The minister has also met with representatives of American, British, Slovenian, Italian and Austrian chambers and associations which protect company interests. The American Chamber is therefore included in the consultations with the minister – said Getoar Mjeku, adviser to the economy minister.

It is not known when the team will finish the job, Kosovo Online reports.
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