Source: Danas | Monday, 14.12.2009.| 12:05
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Car battery factory from Sombor delivered over 1.5m batteries - incomes in 2009 to exceed 50m EUR

Sombor-based Car battery factory delivered about 1.5m batteries to the market this year, while its total incomes will exceed 50m EUR. Due to high demand, people in the factory work in three shifts, monthly production reaches up to 250,000 car batteries, which are sold to the buyers in the countries from "Syberya to Africa". About 70% of production is exported and one third goes to the countries of European Union, Russia, former Yugoslav republics and some African countries. What is new is that these products can be found in the markets of Ireland and England since recently.

- Car battery factory Sombor was privatized in mid-2006 and new owner "Pharmacom MB" Concern from Šabac has, so far, invested over 15m EUR in development and modernization of production. That enabled big expansion of the factory, which produces 156 types of batteries for all types of vehicles. Another result of the development is the latest-technology product - completely closed car battery "white horse", which is available to local and foreign buyers since June 2009 - Radovan Mijailović, the Director General of the Sombor-based factory, told "Danas".

Car battery factory in Sombor has about 400 workers. Since the production has grown lately, employment of new people is in the pipeline. The factory has won the "Best from Serbia" award. Great attention is paid to ecology, and that can be illustrated by the fact that the lake where treated wastewater is sent is rich with carp.
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