Source: Večernje novosti | Thursday, 20.02.2020.| 14:19
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General Recycling to build non-hazardous waste treatment facility in municipality of Zabari worth EUR 3 million

Illustration (Photo: Carole Castelli/
The local self-government of Zabari is working intensively on creating the conditions for new jobs, in order to get things moving in this underdeveloped municipality.

– Our priority is to form an industrial zone and attract investors. We have already signed an agreement with the Belgrade-based company General Recycling on the construction of a modern facility, worth EUR 3 million, for the treatment of non-hazardous waste through the ecologically acceptable method of closed pyrolysis. Initially, 25 people will work there, and the number will increase later – Jovan Lukic, the president of the municipality of Zabari, says for Novosti. The municipality also supports agriculture, as the area is dominated by farming, fruit growing and animal husbandry.

Certain state parcels have been leased for 30 and 40 years in order to form fruit plantations, creating the conditions for the employment of permanent and seasonal workers.

– We have secured subsidies for livestock farmers for the procurement of breeding cattle and for fruit growers for new plantations.

Farmers also get help by being given a 5% discount in farming mechanization plants, Lukic points out. A requirement for the economy to grow is to have good road infrastructure. In the past period, several streets in Zabari and the villages in the area have been paved and village roads have been developed. Nearly RSD 15 million has been invested in these works.
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