Source: Novosti | Thursday, 10.12.2009.| 15:15
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Romanian investor to open TV station in Serbia

According to Romanian agency Mediafax, the owner of large media company "Realitatea-Catavencu", Sorin Oviđu Vantu, is going to open TV stations in Serbia, Hungary and Moldova.

Vantu said that he would open TV stations in 2010 in the three countries he found "dear" - Serbia, Moldova and Hungary, because he did not believe any more that the printed media were efficient and profitable at the moment.

The owner of Romanian media trust has decided to invest in electronic media - Internet, radio and television, which have promising future, while his newspaper "Cotidianul" will be printed in smaller number of copies since he has decided to stop investing in its development.

Sorin Oviđu Vantu specified that the TV station he intended to open in Serbia would comprise the elements of his TV stations "Realitatea" and "The Money Channel", that is, it would be something between economic and political TV channel.

Sorin Oviju Vantu belongs to the circle of the richest Romanians with the property whose value is estimated at about 1.2 billion EUR, while the major share of his business exceeds the borders of his country.

Vantu's media company owns two TV stations, radio station, newspaper agency "NewsIn", public opinion institute INSOMAR, daily newspaper, weekly newspaper and magazine, and its main business is related to advertising and real estates.

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