Source: RTV | Sunday, 16.02.2020.| 10:37
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Green data center in Vrsac – First one in Serbia to use revolutionary technology of cooling server equipment

Illustration (Photo: Mikhail Starodubov/shutterstock)
With the submerging of the server, the first green data center in Serbia was officially put into operation on February 12.

The companies E-Smart Systems and HiTeam raised this data center, which features the technology of the American company Green Revolution Cooling and servers by Supermicro.

This is the first center in Serbia to use the revolutionary technology of cooling server equipment by submerging it in a cooling liquid.

– The result is that the costs of the construction of the data center were lower, the consumption of electricity for the cooling is lower, and finally, the maintenance costs are lower – explained Goran Veljovic, sales and marketing manager at E-Smart Systems.

The cooling medium used in this data center has 1,200 times the cooling capacity compared to air, which makes the removal of heat much quicker and more efficient. On a space of 400 m2, 12 IceRaq Quad systems are to be located, each with four rack units of 25 kW, equivalent to 240 standard air-cooled racks.

There are also negotiations about the potential manufacture of GRC products in Serbia, for the needs of the European market, and the authorities have announced support to this form of cooperation. Furthermore, Vrsac is looking at new investments.

– This center is an investment which will make this technology park complete as an industrial zone, which means that we need new capacities in Vrsac. For this reason, the City of Vrsac has started planning a new Industrial Zone North, which is certainly an invitation to all investors to come to our town – said the mayor of Vrsac, Dragana Mitrovic.
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