Source: Promo | Wednesday, 12.02.2020.| 09:32
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Interest-free credits for purchase of building materials

Purchasers of building materials, primarily cement and concrete, but also other materials, may count on the support provided by Lafarge in cooperation with OTP Banka Srbija in the future. At the presentation of the retail loan MojDom, meant for the purchase of construction materials at storage sites throughout Serbia, it was announced that the Lafarge products, as well as all other building materials will be sold through interest-free credits or credits with minimal fees in 2020 as well.

– The public attention that the MojDom retail loan has attracted can most easily be clarified by a representative example – for a loan of, say, RSD 100,000, after two years of repayment, the purchaser will repay a total of RSD 106,000 to the bank, that is, the annual interest is only RSD 3,000, which is truly a small amount – Lafarge Serbia claims. For a repayment period of 12 months, Lafarge and OTP Banka have also prepared credits without a fee.

A representative example of short-term dinar consumer credit: RSD 100,000, without participation, repayment period 12 months, fixed nominal annual interest rate 0.00%, without compensation. Other costs: 0 dinars. The total amount of the loan (principal amount, interest, costs
: RSD 100,000. Monthly interest: RSD 8,333.33. Effective annual interest rate 0.00%, calculated on February 11, 2020)

A further benefit for the purchasers is the simplified approval procedure. The loan is approved at the storage site itself, without the need to visit an OTP branch office.

– The process begins and ends at the point of sale, and the money ends up on the purchaser's account immediately after the credit is approved. The procedure takes about an hour and the documentation required is minimal – the bill of quantities, an ID card, the loan request and the garnishment, plus the latest retirement check, where applicable. A special feature of this offer by Lafarge and OTP are special client categories – lump-sum taxpayers and foreign-exchange pensioners, who are otherwise not likely to get this kind of support in the local market too often – Lafarge says.

The Lafarge MojDom credits for purchase of building materials – without a mandatory participation, without the costs of loan approval, without the obligation of salary transfer, without hidden costs, with a fixed interest rate throughout the repayment period – are a unique opportunity for anyone who is building or renovating their home, office space or any other facility. The maximum amount is RSD 1,500,000 with a maximum repayment period of 48 months.

Since 2013, when the Lafarge MojDom credit was first presented to the public, numerous people have used its advantages and obtained the building materials they needed. Numerous MojDom credit users have used the credit numerous times in succession, which shows how important the advantages of this kind of loan are.
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