Source: Tanjug | Sunday, 19.01.2020.| 13:00
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Payments by scanning QR codes soon to be available in retail stores

Illustration (Photo: Pixabay / geralt)
The citizens of Serbia will soon be able to make purchases in every store in the country by scanning the QR codes off product labels.

The payment method is a part of the expansion of the instant payment system, an important fact for merchants who will instantly receive money for sold goods instead of waiting for several, like in the case of card-based payment, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) told Tanjug news agency.

When it comes to payments by scanning the QR code, the NBS said that they were bringing the installation of this payment system to an end.

– The system is in the planning stage in the EU while we are already working on implementing this payment system, the Vice – Governor of NBS, Dragana Stanic remarked.

– Every month at least 15 million bills are issued in Serbia for electricity, phone, Infostan and other services the citizens pay for. Paying with mobile phones, that is, scanning the QR code is only one way to avoid long lines at the counters, the Secretary General of Association of Serbian Banks (ASB), Vladimir Vasic pointed out.

When it comes to this method of payment, Vasic said that ASB and NBS have established what exactly a QR code must contain and added that the entire system relied on experience, practice and domestic and international laws.
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