Source: Beta | Sunday, 22.11.2009.| 14:36
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Contract signed for elaboration of project for construction of Main Postal Center in Belgrade

Public postal company PTT "Srbija" and company "Mašinoprojekt kopring" signed the contract on November 20th on elaboration of the project documentation for construction of the complex of Main Postal Center (MPC) in Belgrade.

- The deadline for elaboration of technical and project documentation worth 14m RSD is 100 days - it was said on the occasion of presentation of the project in Postal Company of Serbia "Pošte Srbije".

The Director General of "Pošte Srbije", Goran Ćirić, said that the construction of MPC complex worth 38m EUR would start in March 2010, and that it should be finished in 2011.

- According to the first estimates, construction of the complex was supposed to cost about 60m EUR, but now the building costs are separated from the costs of equipment, so that our estimates are that the project will be worth 38m EUR - Ćirić pointed out.

According to his words, local building companies will be engaged in construction of the MPC complex.

- The new complex will enhance the quality of our services and working conditions, while the time for transfer of goods will be significantly shorter - Ćirić explained.

The Director General of "Pošte Srbija" announced that the complexes in Novi Sad and Niš would be reconstructed following the completion of construction of the new MPC complex in Belgrade.

The new complex of Main Postal Center will be built in Zemun, and it will occupy the surface of 25,500 square meters.

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