Source: Promo | Friday, 13.12.2019.| 11:38
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First Logo Laser billboard installed in Serbia – A whole new concept of outdoor advertising

The first Logo Laser billboard in Serbia has been installed on the facade of the new office building Ziegel House in Autokomanda. This is a whole new concept of outdoor advertising, so far not seen in these areas.

The perfection of laser technology in various industries has led to a creative application of laser projectors in outdoor advertising in the world. The Pure Light technology of laser refraction implemented in outdoor advertising results in a remarkably attractive display of logos, slogans and short textual adds of large proportions by projecting them on building facades.

The Logo Laser billboards cause a great deal of curiosity among the spectators due to the so far unseen projection technology. In a sea of unnoticeable and static billboards which no longer attract attention the way they are supposed to, Logo Laser billboards feature a dynamic display on far larger surfaces, up to 20 times bigger than classic billboards.

The projection is mobile, it changes color and features effects such as pop-up, scroll, fade-in, fade-out, flicker, roto and many others, helping keep the spectators' attention.

Logo Laser billboards are primarily meant for image and branding campaigns. They are perfect for projections of logos, slogans, short textual messages and animations. They are controlled by their own software, within which videos are prepared for being uploaded to the projector.

Based on client demand, designers prepare a video optimized for the projector's technology. The one-minute ad block is split into videos of 10 seconds each. In other words, in a winter season, a 10-second video is shown 720 to 900 times within 24 hours.

In addition to the Logo Laser billboard installed in Autokomanda, another two are soon to be installed in attractive locations in New Belgrade, and other locations are being developed as well.
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