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What customers really think of your new product – Neuromarketing offers answers

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Classic market research is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as there's now a new way of learning what customers want and how they feel. Neuromarketing, based on brain research and surveys of what customers really think of a certain product, without even being aware of it, is becoming the main asset of agencies in the world, including Serbia.

At the fourth Future is NOW conference, held on Friday, December 6, in Belgrade, Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, an expert in neuroscience in marketing and HR and the CEO of Trizma Neuro, talked about the importance of this field at the NeuroMARKETING &NeuroHR lecture.

What Dimitriadis is interested in is how our emotions affect our behavior. Emotional, unconscious reactions of customers or potential customers to a certain product or an ad reveal much more than what they “think” about it.

Classic marketing and huge amounts of information are no longer sufficient for marketing agencies, Dimitriadis says and points out that the predictability of consumers is what marketers strive for, but are unable to achieve it without neuromarketing.

– Today, 81% of CEOs do not trust marketers. Why? Because they can't provide predictable, certain information and data. However, “big data” is not the solution either, because all that data still can't help us understand people. So, we still need the human factor – Dimitriadis says.

Can people's behavior be predicted?

Modern marketing agencies have a problem with human unpredictability, so campaigns, ads and products are often not as successful as hoped. But, as Dimitriadis, points out, neuromarketing adds scientific precision to marketing research.

– If you know what stimulants are there when you are on social networks or when you click on an ad, then you can understand the user's needs, desires and feelings. Users often claim that certain things are not important to them, that they don't care for them and that these things do not leave an impression on them. It is not so, however. The brain is no longer a black box. An agency wanted to see how people will react to their messages before they were published. The survey showed that the predictability of the results of the campaign was 85% – Dimitriadis says.

Brain and behavior

The research carried out by Dimitriadis and his team at the company is based on presenting various products and measuring the reactions of the brain.

– We display certain messages and products. We connect users to an encephalogram and test their reactions and feelings. This allows us to see whether the campaign and the product will be successful and bring results or not. Neuromarketing gives accurate measurements – Dimitriadis says.

About the conference

Future is NOW, so far the largest IT and business premium event dedicated to corporate innovations and IT trends which contribute to business development, was held in Belgrade between December 2 and 6.

The event is meant for business developers, innovation managers, HR and marketing professionals from various companies, CEOs, top management, as well as young IT professionals, the press release says.

The new feature this year were four smaller premium pre-events, which gathered experts from special areas so that they would exchange experiences in an informal environment.

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