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Government proposes lex specialis for construction of subway and highways

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The Government of Serbia has adopted a draft of a special law in order to accelerate the construction of important infrastructural projects such as subways and highways, shorten the time needed to resolve property-legal relations and avoid potential penalties due to failure to withdraw money from banks, Nova Ekonomija writes.

The Draft Law on Special Procedures for Realization of Projects of Construction and Reconstruction of Line Infrastructure Facilities of Special Importance for the Republic of Serbia, which is undergoing the parliamentary procedure, says that, based on the experience in realizing these projects, the conclusion has been reached that plenty of time in the realization process is spent on resolving property-legal relations, before the necessary permits are issued, and that the realization is often late due to this.

One of the goals is to accelerate public procurement procedures. The law says that in the case of urgency or jeopardization of project realization, the government may reach the decision to have the public procurement regulations not apply for the project or some of its phases, but to have a special procedure for the selection of a strategic partner apply. The procedure of the selection of a strategic partner is carried out by a task force formed by the Government of Serbia.

The explanation reminds that the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure envisages, in its plan and budget for 2020 (with a plan for 2021 and 2022), the starting of new projects within the new investment cycle, the value of which has been estimated at around EUR 5 billion in investments in infrastructure projects (roads, railways, subway, water infrastructure), Nova Ekonomija says.

Along with the construction of new state roads, the plan includes the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 5,000 kilometers of public roads and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the public rail infrastructure.

It is also said that the passing of a special law for the realization of a certain project is not an unprecedented occurrence in Serbia, as special laws have already been adopted for the realization of the Belgrade Waterfront project.

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