Source: eKapija | Wednesday, 27.11.2019.| 16:23
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With its favorable geostrategic position, Serbia is an attractive destination for attracting large investments. The arrival of multinational companies to our country, but also the range of products initiated or realized in the past few years, are a good sign for all foreign investors.

The opening of highways and the construction of new ones, the reconstruction of railways and investments in water and air transport, are important requirements for efficient operations of all participants in the chain of transport and logistics. Although this sector is experiencing considerable development, opportunities for upgrade are still big.

Trucks being delayed at border crossings is still one of the largest problems faced by forwarding and logistics companies. Slow and complicated procedures, trade barriers, but also the implementation of some local restrictions, additionally make the operations more difficult, while also causing considerable losses in transport and logistics.

Those in charge have announced improvements in these segments. Recently, the “mini Schengen” zone was established, and investments in border crossings have been announced as well, which should improve the current situation and make for a faster flow of goods, making transport and logistics companies more efficient.

In search of the news about the announced investments in all forms of transport in Serbia, eKapija has looked into infrastructural projects that have been launched in the past few years in the Special Edition Newsletter that stands before you. We examine the challenges that logistics companies face, but also the ways of overcoming them.

The main participants in the market of transport and logistics provide their angle on the situation in the field and present their operations, products and services they offer to users.

Through interviews with the competent institutions, experts and representatives of companies, we have learned that things are on the move in Serbia and that the opportunities and potentials for development are great. It remains to be seen whether we will know how to use them.

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