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Texaco Delo oils - official guarantee by Chevron, unique in Europe

T-GROUP Holding s.r.l. From Italy (TGH), which features TRIGEMA d.o.o. Beograd within its system, is recognized in the Adriatic region as an authorized importer and distributor of the oil company CHEVRON for the TEXACO oil and lubricant program. TRIGEMA distributes TEXACO products in Serbia, and other members of the Holding supply the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania and Slovenia.

Thanks to the remarkable results in distributing TEXACO products, TGH is now seen as a reliable partner of Chevron Lubricants and has had the status of the GOLD DISTRIBUTOR OF TEXACO LUBRICANTS since 2017, which puts the Group among the largest distributors of TEXACO lubricants in Europe.

The wide range of top-quality products includes: Texaco synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral motor oils for passenger and cargo vehicles and off-road mechanization; oils for gearshifts and differentials, brake fluids, cooling fluids, greases and industrial oils – hydraulic, reductor, compressor, circulation, process oils...

TRIGEMA and other TGH companies import TEXACO products from Belgium, where they are produced, and their quality is identical to the quality of the products that Chevron puts on all the markets of the Western Europe. Chevron is the largest world producer of Group II base oils. More than 60% of the global production of premium base oils is based on the Chevron technology. As one of the four biggest oil companies in the world, Chevron is the only integrated one and the only one which keeps a continued product quality under control. In addition to its own production of base oils, additives and lubricants, it owns oil sites and refineries for all kinds of oil products.

In addition to the top-quality TEXACO lubricants, Trigema (TGH) provides its users with technical support and consulting in application of lubricants. The technical service of Trigema and the technical service and laboratory of Chevron Lubricants contribute to the security in maintenance and long-term exploitation of vehicles and equipment through expert advice and recommendations. Trigema's engineers provide professional help in choosing the adequate Texaco lubricant for a certain engine, vehicle type or machine, as well as in setting the optimal intervals for changing oil.

More information, concrete advice and recommendations related to Texaco lubricants for your vehicles and machines can be found at Trigema-Auto Moto Saveti and

Texaco Delo motor oils exceed the strict performance requirements of the leading OEM equipment manufacturers (Cummins, DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania, Volvo...). They are applicable in all conditions: from driving in a city, to long distance trips and traveling in difficult weather conditions.

Texaco Delo products are designed to be efficient and have a long-lasting effect. They prevent a premature curdling of motor and gear oils, which increases the overall level of vehicle protection, whether it's an articulated truck, a bus, or a commercial van.

Texaco Delo low viscosity oils: lower CO2 emission and lower maintenance costs

Since January 2019, when the EU decree on the emission of CO2 from heavy commercial vehicles came into effect, there's been an increase in the use of low viscosity oils, which have been showed to save fuel and consequently reduce the emission of CO2, as well as maintenance costs, while keeping the level of performance and protecting the engine from wearing out. Texaco Delo low viscosity motor oils provide all this, while at the same time protecting the engine from premature and unnecessary damage in the long term.

Texaco Delo – saving fuel

On average, 40% of the exploitation costs of the rolling stock is fuel costs. Choosing the right engine oil is a great starting point for increased efficiency of fuel consumption. Texaco Delo premium quality oils, which are based on the patented ISOSYN technology, contribute to the upgrade of your operations.

Up to 4.5% of fuel can be saved by switching to TEXACO DELO products for lower fuel consumption – compared to higher classes of viscosity. When that is multiplied with dozens of vehicles in a rolling stock – the amount of fuel saved is impressive.

Texaco Delo products for lower fuel consumption are:

* Texaco Delo motor oils:
  • Delo 400 XSP-FA 5W-30 – FA-4 “Low SAPS”: the oil for the latest engines, performances for economic fuel consumption, official approvals by Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz (MB 228.61)...
  • Delo 400 XSP-SD 5W-30 – CK-4, E6/E7/E9: optimal performance oil for economic fuel consumption; official approvals by Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Mack, Renault Trucks (RLD-4), Volvo (VDS-4.5)...
  • Delo 400 XLE HD 5W-30 – CJ-4, E4/E6/E7/E9, LDF-4 “Low SAPS”: performances for lower fuel consumption; official approvals by Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, MAN (M3477/M3677/M3271-1/,3575), Mercedes-Benz (228.51/228.31), Renault Trucks (RLD-3), Scania (Low Ash), Volvo (VDS-4)...
  • Delo 400 SP 5W-30 – CI-4, E6/E7/E9 “Low SAPS”: performances for lower fuel consumption; official approvals by Cummins, Deutz, Mercedes-Benz (MB 228.51), Mack, MAN (,3271-1/M3477), Renault Trucks (RLD-2), Volvo (VDS-3)...
  • Delo 400 XLE 10W-30 – CK-J, CJ-4, E6/E9 “Low SAPS”: oil for extended change intervals and lower fuel consumption; approvals by Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Mack, Mercedes-Benz (MB 228.51 / 228.31), MTU, Renault Trucks (RLD-4), Volvo (VDS-4.5)...
Texaco Delo transmission fluids:
  • Delo Syn-AMT XV 75W-80 –GL-4: fully synthetic premium gear oil for difficult working conditions, specially developed for gearshifts with extended change intervals. Implemented by MAN, Mercedes, Scania, Volvo. Fuel savings of up to 3%; extended change intervals – over 450,000 km; official approvals by Eaton, Voith, Volvo (97305, 97307, 97318)...
Texaco Delo axle oils:
  • Delo Syn-Gear HD 75W-90 – GL5, MT-1: high performance synthetic oil for heavily stressed gear systems, suitable for driveshafts and differentials in heavy working conditions. Extended change intervals – up to 450,000 km. Fuel savings of up to 3%, when used with the Delo Syn-AMT XV 75W-80 oil in gearshifts. Official approvals by DAF, MAN (342 tip M2), Scania, Volvo (97312)...

More details about each TEXACO product can be found at

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