Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 21.11.2019.| 08:34
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People over 40 should work only three days a week

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People over 40 work the best when they work only three days of week, Oaza Znanja writes, as reported by Poslovni Dnevnik. Researchers have concluded that the cognitive efficiency of middle-aged people improves when they work up to 25 hours a week.

On the other hand, the performances were worse when they worked more than 25 hours a week, due to tiredness and stress, as shown by a study published in the Melbourne Institute Working Paper Series, which included a range of cognitive tests.

The study involved 3,000 men and 3,500 women from Australia, whose working habits were analyzed. Their ability to read out words and numbers clearly was tested and their ability to remember and think was also measured.

It was concluded that people who worked 25 hours a week were more successful in these tasks, whereas the results of those who worked 55 hours were worse than the results of the unemployed.
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