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Future of Data Center industry - Why people should pick Edge solutions

Milos Stojkovic
Digital transformation and accelerated technology development mean that huge amounts of data are now generated in real time that need to be collected, processed and stored. Considering the predictions that the amount of data will increase each year, it was necessary to find a solution which will enable the processing of data very close to the source. On the other hand, security was a concern, as well as the availability of the data. In response to these challenges, Edge solutions were developed and they are, according to experts, the future of the Data Center business.

That is why, at the current BIZIT conference, which was held in Belgrade, one of the key topics was Edge computing. The changes that Edge Data Centers bring and their advantages were also discussed by Milos Stojkovic of ENEL PS. During his presentation, he talked about what Edge was at the moment, but also what the future of this technology was.

-- When we talk about the changes that the Edge technology brings, we need to note that, when it comes to power supply, we have solutions which have been the same for some time now and which will remain that way in the future. However, there are great changes and innovations in the sphere of cooling. A very important thing for the global Data Center industry is the increase in energy efficiency and the use of the waste energy that is produced in the process. During this presentation, the solutions of ENEL PS were presented. These are new technologies which are still “proof of concept” solutions. As this is a whole new concept, clients are still cautious. However, we are slowly entering this new area, but beginning with next year, they will become standardized solutions, whereas, in the next few years, Edge computing will become a mainstream technology in the Data Center business - Milos Stojkovic told eKapija.

Schneider Electric 6u Micro Data Center
Another important question is why companies should choose to implement the Edge technology, that is, to build Edge Data Centers.

- There are numerous advantages to Edge computing, but the security of data remains the most important argument when it comes to Data Centers. On the other hand there’s also necessity. More and more data are generated, the 5G network is developing and the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are increasingly present in various industries. All these technologies have a large number of sensors, automatics and equipment, so those data need to be sublimated somewhere. The Edge Data Center takes it all upon itself, because large amounts of data cannot be transported that easily through the kind of broadband network we are familiar with, but need to be processed in Edge. Some of the data are then able to travel through the network to a cloud data center or some other hub - Stojkovic says.

During the presentation, he also emphasized the importance of energy efficiency. As he pointed out, it is well known that data centers “devour” energy. The advantage of modern data centers is that all that energy can be used again.

42u Micro Data Center
- There were plenty of problems with traditional data centers and air cooling, as it was not easy to convert that energy and use it somewhere else. With the development of new technologies, the situation changes drastically, and the heat generated from the IT equipment is used by data centers to heat office buildings.

ENEL PS already has a classic Edge in its portfolio, and Milos presented the company’s latest solutions at the BIZIT conference.

- A new Edge is now being mastered slowly, step by step, and that is definitely the direction in which we’re heading. That will surely be the future in the field of data centers, starting next year - Milos Stojkovic told eKapija.

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