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Belgrade budget in 2020 to amount to EUR 1.2 billion – Procurement of new buses and trolleys planned

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The budget of the City of Belgrade for 2020, including the budgets of urban municipalities, amounts to RSD 143,022,896,488 or EUR 1,205,926,617. The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, stated that the draft budget of the City of Belgrade for 2020 had been defined on October 15, in line with the law. It was published on the official website of the city on October 24, where citizens can view it.

Vesic said that the planned budget deficit was RSD 3,400,073,568, amounting to 3.37% of the budget, and that it was fully covered by the surplus that will be transferred from 2019, Beoinfo reports.

The city budget for 2020 is the largest one yet. For the sake of comparison, 20 years ago, city authorities had an annual budget of the equivalent of EUR 50 million, more than 20 times less.

Vesic explained that, in 2020, Belgrade would take out two new loans, one of EUR 31 million for the purchase of new articulated buses for the public transport company and the other of EUR 35 million for the construction of a sewerage system on the left bank of the Danube.

– The city’s total debt at the end of the next year will be 353,797,545, which is 41.75% of the current planned income and less than the 50% allowed by the Law on Public Debt. Furthermore, during 2020, the City of Belgrade will repay EUR 28,389,545 of old debts. That is the best proof of the responsible fiscal policy thanks to which the Moody’s agency gave Belgrade the excellent Ba3 rating – the deputy mayor said.

He added that, in 2020, most of the budget funds would be put into road and rail traffic, namely, for the functioning of the public transport system, the procurement of public transport vehicles and investments in road infrastructure, in the amount of RSD 53,538,669,539.

– An increase of 106.10% is planned for 2020, with an emphasis on securing funds for the procurement of new buses, trolleys and electric buses for the public transport system in the amount of RSD 7,284,412,000 – Vesic said.

When it comes to preschool education, funds of RSD 18,003,636,971 are planned for the functioning of institutions, subsidies to private kindergartens, current and capital maintenance and construction of kindergarten facilities, all to the end of increasing the capacities for the purpose of taking in as many preschool children as possible. Expenditures of RSD 7,626,973,851 are planned for primary and secondary education in 2020.

Funds of RSD 19,896,711,492 are planned for utility activities and community development (jobs related to hygiene maintenance in public purpose areas, maintenance of green areas, facades, waterworks and sewerage systems, lighting, construction of apartments etc.).

The 2020 city budget also features planned funds for the construction of the Banat sewerage system (RSD 2,191,728,000), as well as the procurement of the necessary mechanization and other equipment for carrying out utility activities (RSD 1,083,110,000).

In the fields of sports, culture and information, funds of RSD 5,778,243,880 are planned for 2020, primarily for the completion of the construction of healthcare facilities in Ugrinovci and Borca.

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