Source: IN STORE Trade MAGAZINE | Monday, 21.10.2019.| 13:07
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Construction of bottled water plant planned in Danilovgrad

Illustration (Photo: hedgehog94/ )
At the most recent session, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Concession Act for awarding a concession for the use of a part of the water from the source "Komunica", Municipality of Danilovgrad, for bottling, i.e., packing or delivery of water for commercial purposes.

The public invitation will be published on the government's website, the Official Gazette and Dnevne Novine, the decision reads.

The plan is to build a factory in a rural area, the investment is technically and technologically complete and the investment in the realization is economically justified.

The employment of 25 new workers will partly solve the issue of unemployment in the area, the act defines.

The maximum duration of the concession for bottling and delivery of water for commercial purposes is 30 years.
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