Source: Tanjug | Wednesday, 16.10.2019.| 11:13
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Number of permits issued in August 2019 higher by 9.1% compared to same month last year – Half of new buildings raised in Belgrade

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The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia writes that, in August 2019, 2,136 building permits were issued, an increase of 9.1% related to August 2018.

Index of anticipated value of works in August 2019 increased by 124.1% relative to August 2018.

Observed by types of constructions, in August 2019, 80.6% of building permits related to buildings and 19.4% to civil engineering.

When referring only to buildings, 70.9% related to residential buildings and 29.1% to non–residential ones, while regarding civil engineering, the majority related to pipelines, communication and electric power lines (70.1%).

According to the permits issued in August 2019 in the Republic of Serbia, building of 2,575 dwellings with average area of 75.4 m2 was recorded.

Out of the total number of dwellings in new residential buildings, 10.3% of dwellings will be built in single-dwelling buildings, with average area of 149.7 m², and 88.0% of dwellings will be in buildings with three and more dwellings, with significantly smaller average area of 66.5 m².

Anticipated value of works of new construction in August 2019 amounted to 84.7% of totally anticipated value of works.

Observed by areas, the greatest construction activity is expected in Beogradska oblast (55.6%) of totally anticipated value of works, followed by Južnobačka oblast (9.7%), Sremska oblast (6.6%), Pomoravska oblast (5.5%), and Braničevska oblast (4.2%), while the shares of other areas are from 0.1% to 3.7%.
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