Source: RTRS | Tuesday, 15.10.2019.| 11:05
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Technical Institute in Bratunac produces demining device - Arab countries interested as well

The demining machine produced at the Technical Institute in Bratunac is currently being tested in Brod. This is a state-of-the art machine manufactured for the competent ministry in Republika Srpska. Some Arab countries are interested in purchasing this machine as well.

After it is finished, the machine will be used in projects of construction and repair of water defense systems, as the inadequate drainage canals and levees have caused a lot of damage to the economy and the agriculture of Republika Srpska during great floods.

– The machine should remove vegetation in the areas where mines left over from the war might be located, more precisely, the water protection structures which are planned to be rebuilt – says Dragan Kos, assistant director of the Civil Protection Administration.

The testing of MH 17 will benefit the municipality of Brod, where some surfaces have not been maintained for a long time nor can they be claimed to be mine-free. The value of the job done by members of the Civil Protection Administration using this machine is BAM 15,000, which means great budget savings for Brod.

– This solves a great problem, which is the vegetation on the coast of the Sava river, and it will also clean some other parts of the city, which have almost never been maintained – pointed out the president of the Municipality of Brod, Ilija Jovicic.

The competent ministry had commissioned an optimal machine for this purpose from the Technical Institute in Bratunac. MH 17 is a state-of-the are device, unique in a wider area, the Civil Protection Administration claims. It cleans up to a hectare and half of land in a day.

– The operator is well protected and there's no danger of getting injured. Most controls are electronic, so our operators have an opportunity to handle a high quality machine – Kos added.

Still, a lot remains to be done on this machine. After it is perfected, MH 17 will certainly be in demand in the foreign market. Some Arab countries are already interested in purchasing 10 pieces, the Civil Protection Administration says.
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