Source: Tanjug | Monday, 14.10.2019.| 09:36
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“Small Schengen” as mechanism against big losses

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The deputy director of the Customs Administration, Veselin Milosevic, expects the declaration of free flow of goods and citizens between Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia to enable traveling with an ID card only, as well as unobstructed traffic of services, capital and labor force.

The declaration signed by the president of Serbia and the prime ministers of North Macedonia and Albania, defines “what should be done as soon as possible in the Western Balkans”, Milosevic stated for RTS.

– The document invites other leaders of the Western Balkans to join this initiative. The region does not intent to replace the decision to be part of the EU with this document. Instead, it aims to create conditions for a better life in this region in the meantime – Milosevic said.

Although the deadline for meeting those goals is the end of 2021, Milosevic says that it will be difficult unless certain parties stop making politically-motivated unilateral moves.

– We are talking about customs fees. That's a result of the existing mechanisms not functioning, namely, the CEFTA mechanism – Milosevic emphasized.

The declaration says that, according to the World Bank's analyses, trucks spend around 26 million hours a year on the borders of the Western Balkans.

– That's a huge loss of money and the dropping of standards for all of us, as we all eventually pay for it – Milosevic emphasized.
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