Source: eKapija | Monday, 21.10.2019.| 12:22
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Technology of the future at UNIQA Osiguranje

Last week, the public learned that UNIQA Osiguranje was the first in the region to enable its clients to evaluate the damage on a property or a motor vehicle fully online through video damage evaluation.

Thanks to this innovative service, the user can record all the damage done to the property or the vehicle and exchange all the necessary documentation through only one video call to a valuer. The damage payment process takes up to 48 hours.

This kind of communication has been enabled through the videochat solution developed by the German company Purpleview, which is represented in our market by ICTS DOO Beograd.

– Since mid-2017, we have been representing Purpleview in the region and we could say that we have been successful since 2018, when we did our first installation for a bank in Serbia. This year, it has continued with installations for clients in Croatia and Serbia. The idea for video evaluation of damage originated in a demo presentation of a video chat solution at UNIQA Osiguranje. We were immediately impressed with the possibility of using a video chat platform for damage evaluation. After the presentation, we started looking into the potential options and that's how it started. We've gone through a lot of phases since then – from using the existing module which was largely dependent on the internet connection, bad photographs, to having a manufacturer accept to make an entirely new module for taking photographs in real time in the resolution matching that of the mobile device's camera – they say at ICTS.

The platform is fully web-based. The client doesn't need any additional apps to assist the valuer in photographing. A mobile phone or tablet, a browser and an internet connection are enough. What sets it apart from similar platforms is a whole set of additional functions available to the agent or the valuer: sending and receiving files, co-browsing, video identification, screen-sharing and an interactive mode (which enables the client to fill out forms, Word and Excel-type documents etc.).

In addition to video evaluation and reporting of damage, this software has been used in the banking sector for creating virtual branch offices which enable clients to talk to their personal bankers, fill out forms and get documents sent to their home addresses to be signed, all without having to go to the bank.

– The platform also supports remote signatures, but that area is not yet regulated by law in Serbia. Once this is resolved, we will cover 100% of the processes in banks, insurance, public administration – they say at ICTS.

This year, the engineers of ICTS DOO Beograd have also started working on additional development, creating web interfaces for monitoring and reporting, which will enable users to get feedback from clients, create statistics for internal analysis and supervise the operations of the platform in real time, in addition to using modules within the app.
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