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Coeus – Platform which offers companies “smartness” of machine learning for better understanding of consumers

The Serbian company Things Solver has been successfully dealing in management of large amounts of data and extracting important insights by using prediction models since its founding. Choosing an adequate model of machine learning entails the understanding of the industry the client is in and dedication to problems which can be solved by looking into the data. The objective of the Things Solver team, consisting primarily of data scientists, data engineers and frontend developers, is to create tools which contribute to the growth of the value of a business.

In the past years of working with data, Things Solver has tried to unify models of machine learning which result in reliable prediction of consumer behavior in the future. Through its evolution and development, an idea arose about creating a unique platform, which provides a multidimensional support to business operations with the help of the said models.

The three-digit percentage of the growth of Things Solver in 2019 is to a large extent the result of the development of the new platform Coeus.

Coeus is now a service software which extracts applicable information and knowledge from business data. This results in constructive suggestion for making business decisions.

The Coeus platform is designed as support to sales teams in researching and detecting trends in their data, enabling them to reach timely decisions based on the predictions suggested by machine learning models. A special advantage for the users is that the platform offers several packages, aiming to adapt to the amount of data and the complexity of the task, related to the client's activity.

Within the various packages, clients are offered several options of integration, technical support and the option of developing additional models specific to the user's needs.

The user profile module is considered one of the most useful tools integrating all the data the company has about the customer from various sources, in line with the industry that Coeus is meant for. It is important to note that, in addition to raw data about the customer, this module also offers prediction models which display the customer's preferences in the future. This module's page displays the consumption trend for the given customer, the value of that customer for the company, how likely they are to buy the next product and which, as well as which customer segment they belong to according to the recorded consumer behavior.

The biggest value for business from the perspective of a Coeus user is the personalized approach and proposed treatment for each customer. This module is an ideal tool for recognizing the customer's buying preferences at every contact with them, whether they're seeking information, contacting the call center or making a purchase at the cash register. The user profile module is the most efficient tool for understanding each individual customer.

In addition to the user service module, which focuses on an individual customer, there's also the module which is applicable in promoting products and services to a certain group of customers. It's not surprising that this module is called Campaign Creator. The value of Campaign Creator is that it uses multiple selection criteria to create an ideal group of customers which are most likely to buy the product being promoted, but also to use a filter to leave only those customers whose estimated value for the company is in line with the campaign's budget. This possibility is provided by predictive recommendation models and the value of the user cycle of the customer. The aim of this module is to target adequate customers only.

This approach results in efficient campaigns, along with increasing the percentage of customers which respond to promotion. After the era of aggressive marketing, we need to be very careful now not to repulse customers with an inadequate approach, as they are already sensitive to the amount of promotional material they are exposed to every day. The Campaign Creator module aims to earn and keep the customers' trust.

For all curious platform users, Coeus offers various interested insights through visualization – whether you want to learn from which parts of the map various kinds of customers come from or see how customers' behavior changes with time.

Over time, Coeus has accumulated and implemented user questions and is open for your suggestions through the demo version you can apply for on the Things Solver website.

So far, Coeus has been implemented in banking, retail and telecommunications, and the development of additional models for industries which have a similar approach to their consumers is being planned.
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