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Sremska Mitrovica to get new industrial zone North 3 – Construction of modern football stadium planned as well

The plan of the future Industrial Zone North 3 (Photo: Grad Sremska Mitrovica)
Sremska Mitrovica will get a new industrial zone, and the first step was made with the adoption of the Detailed Regulation Plan of the Industrial Zone North 3. As the cabinet of the mayor of Sremska Mitrovica, Vladimir Sanader, told eKapija, the new industrial zone will be located north of the E-70 highway, facing the existing zones North 1 and North 2.

– This means that the distance between the new industrial zone and the toll booth, that is, the highway connection, will be less than one kilometer – the City Administration told us.

They say that the formation and the equipping of an industrial zone is a process which requires plenty of time. After the adoption of the Detailed Regulation Plan, what follows is dividing the land up into parcels and separating the public purpose areas.

– All the necessary infrastructure will be built on these areas, which includes the road network, the power network, gas and water supply and the sewer system. These construction works require project documentation, permits and funds, which means that there are still plenty of steps toward the formation of a new industrial zone, which will meet potential investors – the mayor's cabinet says.

Considering all this, the beginning of the construction will depend on many factors, but the equipping of the new industrial zone will certainly be one of the city's priorities, our interviewees say.

The reason for the formation of a new industrial zone is the fact that Sremska Mitrovica has almost no free land which could be offered to investors.

– All the existing zones have already been filled out, and there's a great interest in the few remaining parcels. The development of local economy therefore requires the formation of a new zone.

There are already several industrial zones in Sremska Mitrovica, with a large number of companies where numerous citizens are employed.

– After the unsuccessful privatizations of former industrial giants, there was a need to form a new space for the development of the local economy. The idea was to try to revive the Old Industrial Zone at the city's exit towards Ruma, while also forming new industrial zones suitable for greenfield investments and equipping them with infrastructure. Locations were thereby found along the Ruma Road, which now feature companies such as EATON, Labor Legno and Metalfer, and the industrial zones North 1, North 2 and Jezero were formed – the city says.

They say that the industrial zones North 1 and North 2 are located next to the highway and are the most attractive locations for potential investors.

– For now, the companies Cooper Standard and Hi-lex operate in these zones, and the entire land that was owned by the city has been alienated and these zones are expected to reach their full potential in the shortest amount of time possible. In the industrial zone Jezero, which is located on the road to Jarak, there are parcels which have been sold to investors and those that are owned by the city and which potential buyers are very interested in. Furthermore, the city has managed to bring serious investors to the locations of the former giants Mitros, MIV, Brodogradiliste and Sirmodeks. The facilities of these investors now employ around two thousand people from Sremska Mitrovica.

There are currently 20,000 employed people in Sremska Mitrovica, and the unemployment rate is around 5%.

– All this shows that the number of jobs is not the crucial factor and that we want to attract investors whose production will be based on high technologies, a smaller number of well-trained workers and expensive exporting products. This would raise the living standard of the people of Sremska Mitrovica.

Considering the fact that all the free areas in Sremska Mitrovica where facilities can be built are in demand, whether they are privately or publicly owned, the mayor's cabinet says that they expect the new zone, North 3, to be interesting to potential investors as well.

The new industrial zone is not the only project being carried out in Sremska Mitrovica. Streets and intersections are being reconstructed and a new elementary school building is being raised.

– Several days ago, the StopShop shopping center was opened, where around 200 citizens of Sremska Mitrovica are employed, and the availability of the products which can be found at the shopping center will improve the quality of life in Sremska Mitrovica. The biggest investment in the upcoming period will be the construction of a modern football stadium, which was announced by Serbian Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimovic at the opening of the shopping center. New challenges lie before the local administration and we hope that the development of Sremska Mitrovica will move even faster, to the satisfaction of its citizens – the City says for our portal.

D. Obradovic

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