Source: Beta | Thursday, 22.08.2019.| 11:52
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LJAJIC : Direct damage from Kosovo's taxes on Serbian goods amounts to EUR 1.07 million daily

The direct financial damages for Serbia since imposing the taxes on Serbian goods sold in Kosovo and Metohija amounted to around EUR 1.07 million, the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic said today.

He told Pink TV that the annual damage will amount to around EUR 400 million.

– Indirect damage is much greater, it concerns the loss of market for Serbian businessmen even after the taxation is abolished, Ljajic added.

He stated that abolishing the taxes would mean a great deal to Serbian businesses but that they wouldn't be able to come back to that market easily because it had been taken over by goods from the countries in the region.

The government in Pristina have imposed 100% taxes on products from Serbia last November.
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