Source: Dnevnik | Monday, 19.08.2019.| 11:35
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NALED proposes abolition of registration stickers for cars, motorbikes and tractors

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One of the recommendations from NALED's Grey Book 11 refers to abolition of registration stickers for car, motorbikes and tractors. The book contains 100 most significant recommendations by businesses, local government and civil society organizations for eliminating the administrative obstacles to doing business in Serbia.

The reason for the recommendation lies in the fact that sticker don't have great use value and create great expenses for both the citizens and the economy on an annual level

Registration sticker which is adhered to the lower right angle of the car's windshield is a mandatory part of vehicle registration and a certificate that the vehicle may be on the road.

The sticker has car registration number, registration expiration date and region code, the data which are already present on the license plate, driver's license and Police records.

The Vice President of Naled's E-Government Alliance Aleksandar Blagojevic explained that the process for issuing stickers required two fees amounting to RSD 420.

– Since at least 1.8 million of vehicles gets registered in Serbia every year, calculation show that both the citizens and the economy spend nearly RSD 800 million for something that isn't of any great value except maybe for the traffic officers to check quickly whether the vehicle's registered or to remind the driver about the registration expiration date, said Blagojevic.

Amendments to the Law on Road Traffic Safety and the Rulebook on registration would reduce the unnecessary administrative costs, and hence the price and time needed to perform registration, thus enabling significant savings.

A good solution, Blagojevic thinks, for informing drivers about approaching deadlines for the renewal of registration would be an option where the eGovernment system would inform them a month ahead, via e-mail or SMS, and via the eGovernment portal.

The practice of using registration stickers varies greatly around the world . Some countries never introduced them, and then there are countries where it is mandatory to affix them to the windshield or a license plate. Some countries like the Netherlands or Great Britain used registration stickers before but then made the practice obsolete. In those countries vehicle registration and property taxes check is done electronically, Blagojevic pointed out and said that most of the countries in the region do not use registration stickers.
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