Source: Blic | Friday, 16.08.2019.| 11:13
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Ambitious project for new route over Danube in Belgrade – Bridge worth EUR 228 million by end of 2024

Illustration (Photo: ThomBal/
Belgrade should two new tunnels and two bridges in the following years, if the ambitious plans city government has come to pass.

The tunnel should connect Sava slope and Danube slope on one side and Banovo Brod and Topcidersko Brdo on the other side. New traffic route over Sava River that should replace Old Sava Bridge has been talked about in the recent year and now the city management has discloses that the project investment is estimated at EUR 45.5 million and it should be finished by the end ODF 2022. You can read more on the project in the following article.

However, the project concerning the bridge over the Danube has been mentioned much less lately. The bridge was to be located near Ada Huja as a part of external main tangent road and should relieve traffic pressure on Pancevo bridge. The project was previously only mentioned in the pre-election campaign, but new details have recently surfaced in the Plan for Public Investments 2020-2022 f the City Council adopted in July.

The document states that the bridge is to be constructed by 2024 and the estimated value of the investment is EUR 224 million.

Following its construction, the bridge will be the third largest bridge over Danube in the capital after Pancevo Bridge and Pupin Bridge
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