Source: Novosti | Wednesday, 14.08.2019.| 09:53
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Planinka buys Kursumlijska Spa – Grand opening by end of 2020, necessary investments exceed EUR 10 million

Illustration (Photo: Africa Studio/ )
Republic Directorate for the Property Commission has adopted a decision on the sale of Kursumlijska Spa yesterday (August 13, 2019). Namely, Kursumlija-based Planinka a.d.
has bought Kursumlijska Spa

– The Management of Planinka has already gone to see Kursumlijska Spa and are making plans for investments. According to the initial assessment of the management, in order for them to open Kursumlijska Spa, they need to invest more than EUR 10 million, the representatives from Planinka pointed out. Planinka is also currently building a hotel in Lukovska Spa an investment worth around EUR 10 million.

Opening Kursumlijska Spa and finishing the construction of the hotel in Lukovska Spa is expected by the end of the next year. These two spas will employ over 200 people and will provide work for contractors and suppliers from around the Kursumlija municipality.

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