Source: Tanjug | Tuesday, 13.08.2019.| 09:32
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Serbia ranks first in greenfield investments on Financial Times list

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Serbia took first place in the world in the number of greenfield foreign direct investments, the notable British daily Financial Times reported yesterday (Monday 12, 20190

According to the 2019 list, compiled by Financial Times (FT) data division Serbia is at the top of the list with a score of 11.92 , an increase in 1.33 index points compared to last year`s results.

FT writes that Serbia attracted direct foreign investments for 107 projects in 2018 which is 26 more than in 2017, an increase of almost one third.

– With a score of 11.92 index points Serbia attracts almost 12 times the volume of greenfield foreign direct investments (FDI) than can be expected for an economy of its size , states the annual FT study which looks at inbound greenfield investment in 2018 relative to the size of each country’s economy.

The report added that Serbia takes over the position as the index leader from Mozambique, up one position from the previous year.

Automotive components, food and tobacco, textiles and real estate are Serbia’s leading FDI sectors, and combined they accounted for more than half (54%) of total inbound FDI projects in 2018.

The study points out that with a score of 11.92 index points Serbia has far exceeded its regional counterparts in emerging European economies, including the likes of Lithuania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which have high index scores.

Serbia is closely followed by Montenegro which ranked second with a score of 11.49 index points.

It might be interesting to note that looking at the number of foreign direct investments Serbia leaves behind such world economies as Singapore, Armenia, Latvia, Bulgaria, UAE, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Poland, Great Britain, Hong Kong and others.

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