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New look of Emergency Service in Belgrade – Here’s what the facility will look like after the reconstruction

Southwest view – blocks A and B (Photo: Beoinfo/Urbopolis)
The Emergency Service in Belgrade will get a new look after more than 50 years. In early 2020, works are expected to begin on the extension of the facility amounting to more than 6,000 m2, which will make for a modern health complex on over 8,000 m2 together with the existing facilities.

According to the Urban Project, the public review of which ended on Thursday, August 8, 2019, the works will be carried out in three phases.

The first phase will entail the construction of a whole new Block A, as well as a guardhouse, whereas the second phase entails the reconstruction and the extension of Block B and the construction of a canopy. The final phase entails the reconstruction of Block C and the development of the parcel.

According to the current project, the reconstructed building of the Emergency Service will also have an education center with all the necessary features.

The idea is for the specially equipped classrooms to provide training to those specializing in the fields that are in the domain of the Emergency Service’s activities, with professional supervision. In addition to adequately equipped rooms, there will be five traditional classrooms, one special reading room, several offices for the employees and an amphitheater-type education facility for 195 people, the documentation says.

The project entails 52 parking spaces for the employees and the clients, five of which will be reserved for people with disabilities.

Southeast and northeast view (Photo: Beoinfo/Urbopolis)
The carrier of the project of the preparation of the Urban Project is the spatial planning company Urbopolis from Belgrade, and the request for the preparation of the Urban Project was filed by the Emergency Service.

The mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojicic, reminded that the building had never been reconstructed, whereas the number of citizens of Belgrade had multiplied in the meantime, Beoinfo reports.

– The City of Belgrade has over a million citizens. Finally, after 60 years, they will get an emergency service facility which meets European standards and which will be able to meet all their needs – Radojicic announced.

Southeast and southwest view (Photo: Beoinfo/Urbopolis)
Let us remind that the Emergency Service building is one of the four facilities to be reconstructed under the principles of energy efficiency within the project called “Thermal Rehabilitation of Four Public Facilities in Belgrade”, which aims to promote the reduction of greenhouse effect gases and energy consumption.

This project is worth EUR 16 million, of which EUR 11 million is contributed by the EU, whereas EUR 5 million comes as proceeds from the loan taken out by the City of Belgrade at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Building dating back to 1957

The current complex was designed by architect Leon Kabiljo and built in 1957. It consists of three interconnected blocks, the documentation says.

They are positioned so as to form an interior yard, with Block A in the northwest, Block B in the southwest and Block C in the northeast, and the interior yard is covered by a canopy.

All three blocks comprise a single functional whole, connecting all the existing features of the Emergency Service.

Sandra Petrovic
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