Source: Promo | Tuesday, 06.08.2019.| 10:29
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Welcome to CTPark Belgrade West

The first project of CTP Invest in Serbia, the construction of CTPark Belgrade West, has been completed successfully. Only a few days ago, the recently completed facility in Simanovci welcomed its first tenant – Emmezeta. A half of the total area is reserved for Emmezeta. CTP is very satisfied and grateful to its first client for the excellent cooperation during the construction. Also, the completion of the works within the deadline and within the budget, as well as the achieved quality of the construction, are the results of the work, efforts and mutual understanding of all the participants in the project.

Director Vlatko Djuricek points out that CTP is simultaneously working on another three projects in Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Novi Banovci.

An agreement has been reached with the company BMTS Technology and the construction of another factory in Novi Sad is in the phase of preparations for the works to begin.

Also, the construction of the factory in Kragujevac for the already known partner is advancing at a great speed.

The plan is for CTP to also realize the project in Novi Banovci and open the biggest logistics center in the Belgrade area, with a total surface of 75,000 m2, in 2020. According to director Djuricek, the building permit has been obtained and intensive works are expected here as well.

All local and foreign companies which need storage or production space or those that plan to expand their business to the territories of Kragujevac, Novi Sad and Belgrade, can find more information on the company’s website.

Djuricek once again pointed out that CTP was open for cooperation with small and large companies, foreign and local investors.

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