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This is what the modern concert hall in Nis will look like – Eco materials, domination of glass, rooftop cafe and hotel

Future look of the concert hall in Nis
Future look of the concert hall in Nis
The winning architectural design of the new concert hall in Nis has been authored by Aleksandar Slavikovic and Dejan Miletic from Belgrade.

The concert hall should be built on Nemanjica Blvd, in the wider city center, diagonally from the Health Center and right next to the Delta shopping center whose construction is in progress (former Nis Express complex). Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that they were working on obtaining the building permit and expropriating the land.

– The hall would be done in glass, that would be the dominant material, and the visitors would have a view to all parts of the city from the hall – Mayor Bulatovic said and announced the public procurement procedure for the construction for 2020. More about it can be read HERE.

– The primary geometric form is a response to the immediate surroundings, which is dominated by modernist architecture. The form is simple on the outside, and the semi-transparent exterior reveals a complex and dynamic interior. The first two floors are directly connected to the area of movement and its features are linked to the surroundings – the description of the preliminary design reads.

The main, multifunctional hall is the functional hub of the facility and is meant to help the spatial orientation of the visitors, the description reads. This area has a special place within the design, as it is supposed to connect all the cultural areas. The multipurpose grand hall with 1,850 seats is located in the northern section of the parcel, as is the smaller chamber hall and the conference hall. This frees the area towards the street, which features areas for exhibitions, spectacles and virtual presentations. The same zone features the hospitality hub, as well as the entrance to a hotel of smaller capacity. Next to the hotel section is a restaurant with a kitchen which also supplies the hospitality hub, which is connected with the multipurpose hall.

– All the accompanying features necessary for the functioning of this complex technological whole are located along the multipurpose hall, the small hall and the conference hall. The northern part features areas for performers, workshops, depots, art studios, gyms etc. These areas are connected vertically and horizontally. All areas are connected vertically by staircases and elevators. In addition to elevators for visitors, there are also technical elevators for performers, for technical staff and for transport and delivery. All areas are adapted to people with disabilities – the description reads.

As said, the complex technology of this kind of architectural facility is harmonized with its purpose. The stage areas are designed for various types of performances. The interior is simple and compositionally clearly defined by the gradation of basic elements, which are spatially connected along both the horizontal and the vertical axis. There is a connection between the lobby and the roof balcony, which features an open stage oriented towards the central cubic area, which allows for nighttime screenings. This section of the roof balcony should also feature a café.

– The development of free and green areas around the facility is harmonized with the architectural design. The number of parking spaces complies with the standards. The largest number of parking spaces will be located in the underground garage, whereas the parking spaces for buses will be located in the northern part of the parcel. The parking area fits together with the landscaping and has a minimal effect on the general visual impression – the description of the winning design reads.

Structural concept

The structure of the facility is designed as a skeletal system dominated by 8-m increments, whereas the spans are doubled along the length of the hall areas, which require greater flexibility, the description reads.

– The ceilings between floors and the roof ceilings are designed as reinforced concrete semi-prefabricated ceilings, which are supplemented with styrofoam in places where the spans are larger. The large spans are bridged by steel girders. The halls and the stage tower are on reinforced concrete load-bearing walls. The structural concept is simple and easy to execute under these conditions, which certainly affects the rationality of the entire construction – the description reads.

Installation systems and energy efficiency

All installations systems and equipment, including the air conditioning devices, are located within the facility, the majority of them on underground levels. As the description reads, the facility is meant to be an energy efficient system which can use renewable energy sources:

– heating and air conditioning through geothermal energy or underground water energy (depending on the location)

– use of solar energy (solar collectors) for heating the sanitary water

– use of photovoltaic cells in power production

– collection and use of atmospheric water

– use of greenery for temperature regulation in the facility

– use of recyclable, ecological materials

– It’s advisable to use heating pumps and all the advantages of that sort of an energy efficient system. The heating labyrinth is one of the ways to save energy. This principle entails the implementation of underground heating canals in basement areas. In the summer, in order for the external air to cool and to have humidity removed from it before entering the facility and in order for it to heat in the winter, the external air needs to be sucked in through pipes laid in the ground or through concrete heating labyrinths located beneath the facility – the description reads.

The materials to be used should be ecological and energy efficient, the kind of materials that are simple to maintain throughout their lifecycle.

Occupancy – 60%, green areas – 20%, number of parking spaces – 232, land development index – 1.5, height – 35 meters.

I. Milovanovic

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