Source: Netokracija | Wednesday, 03.07.2019.| 14:49
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New platform estimates real value of an apartment

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The service is a new platform which provides you with information about the value of real estate and which has been made available today to all users who are selling or leasing their real estate or are looking for a new home.

Although the real estate market is quite saturated with similar services (which one of the founders of this service agrees with), there's always room for innovations. That's one of the reasons why Igor Manjencic has founded this service.

The service ranks and grades real estate, providing additional information as to whether the price is the real market price or the piece of real estate in question is overpriced.

The user is provided with a map featuring all the selling and renting prices depending on the location and other parameters. This interactive map provides the user with a quick overview of the price movements in various parts of the city, blocks and streets.

As Igor explains, the map displays average prices per square meter, which, in certain cases, isn't an accurate representation of the value of that piece of real estate, as the actual value is influenced by factors such as the type of real estate, the surface, the number of floors, the structure and the equipment featured.

By entering all the parameters, users can get a more detailed evaluation, which enables sellers to adjust the prices and realize the sale as soon as possible and the same goes for users who are leasing apartments.
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