Source: Blic | Tuesday, 01.09.2009.| 12:51
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Company for "Južni tok" prior to September 15th

- The joint venture of "Srbijagas" and "Gazprom" for construction of gas pipeline "Južni tok" will be registered prior to September 15th, while the contract on modernization of gas storage in Banatski Dvor will be signed after September 7th. The status of the property that "Srbijagas" is going to bring into the joint venture for gas storage has been accepted by the Government, and now only paperworks need to be done - the CEO of "Srbijagas", Dušan Bajatović, told "Blic".

Following the founding, the joint venture for construction of gas pipeline should start designing feasibility study on the project's profitability. What we already know is that the gas pipeline should enter our country near Zaječar, while the main interstation will be in the vicinity of Batajnica. According to some earlier announcements, the length of the gas pipeline through our country should be about 450 km.

When it comes to the gas storage in Banatski Dvor, "Srbijagas" and "Gazprom" should have already signed the contract, but there were certain opacities concerning the ownership rights in future joint venture. According to Bajatović, this issue has been discussed by the Government of Serbia over the last few days, and it seems that all the obscurities are now removed.

- All the procedures that were supposed to be resolved have been adopted by the Government, and now we need to wait for necessary documents. I can not exactly say when the company will be registered, but I know that the procedure will start after September 7th - says Bajatović.

The CEO of "Srbijagas" has also confirmed that he had meetings last week regarding storing of additional 200m cubic meters of gas in Hungary, and that the talks will be resumed in the following days.

- We have a meeting with the representatives of EON in Budapest on Thursday. The problems with transportation have been resolved, but we and "Gazprom" are currently considering several variants for storing that gas. One of them is that Russian gas be stored in Hungary, the second is that we buy gas from "Gazprom" at favorable price, while the third option is that we buy gas from some third company - Bajatović explains.

Gas is not used that much in Serbia at the moment, but lower prices could stimulate consumption.

- We have already started activities that should earn industrial consumers the status of qualified buyers, which means that they would be offered lower price of gas. In that way we want to stimulate gas consumption because it is rather low at the moment - Bajatović points out.

Price of gas for citizens remains the same

When asked if the citizens can hope for lower prices of gas this winter, Bajatović said that "Srbijagas" was not going to ask for decrease in price for the time being.

- Some indices show that there will be a mild increase in the import price of gas in the fourth quarter of the year, so that the price in our country will probably stay at the same level. However, we will do our best to make the price as favorable as possible for the citizens - Bajatović explains.

(Note: complete text is taken over from newspaper Blic of September 1st, 2009)

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