Source: Tanjug | Tuesday, 18.06.2019.| 15:29
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Siemens Austria Mobility CEE says it pays off to invest in Serbia

Siemens Austria Mobility CEE Arnulf Wolfram, who took part in the conference of Financial Times and the Western Balkans Chamber Investment Forum, pointed out that investments in the region, especially in Serbia, paid off.

Wolfram also said that Siemens and the region were connected by a 150-year history.

– After the political changes in the 1990s, we have revived our presence in the region, primarily in Serbia, where we have around 3,000 employees – he explained.

He said that Siemens' experiences in the region, especially in Serbia, were positive and that he could recommend to investors to invest in the region. He pointed out that there was enough educated workforce in the region and that the local political structures supported it.

When asked whether Siemens would continue investing in the region and Serbia, Wolfram said that it all depended on economic development and that all investments needed to be economically feasible.

– We see a large economic growth in the region, as a company from the field of infrastructure. This sort of development can be useful if it is connected with local investments – he said.
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