Source: Blic | Friday, 21.08.2009.| 11:35
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Kusturica is building a studio in Mokra Gora for the needs of a new movie – Johnny Depp, Selma Hayek and Miki Manojlovic in Drvengrad

Emir Kusturica is building in Mokra Gora a movie studio of 1.000 square meters, which will be used for making of the movie “Seven friends of Pancho Villa and a woman with 6 fingers”. Johnny Depp, in the role of revolution fighter, and Selma Hayek as Juanita, the love of his life, will stay in Serbia longer than planned, considering that all scenes in the closed areas will be made here. To stars crew will also join Miki Manojlovic and Stribor Kusturica.

Miki Manojlovic, who already has a successful European career, will be doing his 5th movie with Kusturica. The two have been co-working since 1981, and so far they made together the following movies: “Father on business trip”, “Underground”, “Black cat, white cat” and “Zavet”.

Stribor Kusturica, the famous director’s son, composer and drummer of “No smoking orchestra”, has made his roles in “Life is a miracle” and “Zavet”, in which he showed, besides musical talent, a quality of an actor. It is interesting that in 2006, for the movie “Zavet”, Emir built Drvengrad, where this year he will build a movie studio for his new work. In this studio, Emir will also make a movie opera “The bridge on the Drina river”.

It is interesting that Johnny Depp has a property similar to Drvengrad, in Saint Tropez, but made not only of wood, but of stones as well. It spreads on 15 hectares, and Depp reconstructed old, existing houses for his family and himself creating a small town, said Kusturica.

After the first scenes taken in Mokra Gora, at the end of this year, the crew will move to the South of Spain.

- The screening will be continued in Spain, from Granada to Murcia, said Kusturica, and discovered the movie’s end:

- There is a pattern in the destiny of Pancho Villa, the same as in our epic poem “The wedding of Makskim Crnojevic” Juanita (Selma Hayek) can not give in into love with Pancho Villa because he is partially responsible for her family’s death. Yet, she shows him her love by saying on the wedding with another man: “No!”

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