Serbian invention – first baby toy with inner beeswax layer

Source: eKapija Thursday, 06.06.2019. 14:20
(Photo: Priče sa dušom / Tijana Janković Jevrić)
David and Milica Stokic decided to make eco-friendly toys for their children, such as were not made from materials which could harm them. They began in 2016 and their first challenge was to find materials which meet the said requirements and which they could not find in the market.

– That is why the preparation of the first prototype of Beez&Toys teddy-bears took almost two years. I found the key material by accident, while having a casual conversation with the beekeeper we had been buying honey from for years. We trust him and always get 100% natural honey from him, produced in a traditional way and without additives – David Stokic said for the Price sa dusom portal.

The material was beeswax. It has antibacterial and antiflammatory characteristics, is one of the best natural insulators and has a calming fragrance.

– However, I would probably have missed all that had I not seen how easily it is shaped. It was at that moment that I realized why wax figures are made from wax and understood that this is the material that fully meets all the requirements. I was sure that toys can be made from it that will enable a regular development of a child's motor skills – Stokic added.

With two of his friends, he decided to make a baby toy. After six months, they had the technological process designed and made the first prototype – a plush toy with an inner beeswax layer.

David and his wife were supported by the Innovation Fund. As they say, it's debatable whether they would be able to make a finished product with all the certificates needed for the export to the European Union without that support. They are primarily oriented to the foreign market, as the price is not that affordable and competitive in the Serbian market.

– We have also started a crowdfunding campaign as an innovative way of financing innovations, which is well established abroad, whereas here it's only just developing. In our case, it means selling the toy in advance to people interested in supporting innovations – Stokic explains.
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