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ECG through smartphone – Check your heart rate through a phone app

Whether you're under stress and to what extent, whether you need a vacation or an exercise session and what your heart rate is, will be shown by a smartphone device and app whose purpose is to measure heart activity and analyze your health.

The Bogatic-based company SveZdrav has developed a solution for detecting the ECG signal through the user's smartphone, where the health and the state of the user's heart are analyzed through the Heart Rate Variability HRV Camera app.

The app is based on the analysis of data collected through sensors on a small plate. If the user does not own it, the app shows what their overall state of health is, whether they are under stress and what kind of exercise they need just by taking the pulse through the camera.

As Stevan Jokic, the director of SveZdrav, explains for our portal, the aim is to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and contribute to the lowering of the heart attack-related mortality rate. This device and app, which are still in the prototype phase, were presented at the recently held Fair of Technics

– Nowadays, a lot of people die from heart attack due to lack of care or going to see the doctor too late. With this app, we want to contribute to lowering the mortality rate and emphasize the importance of physical activity. With this device, without electrodes, we can carry out a half of the ECG process, with the same accuracy as if you went to a hospital, where you have to be perfectly still, where a dozen wires are used, whereas our device requires no use of electrodes – Jokic explains.

He does point out, however, that these solutions are primarily meant for stress and tiredness parameters, not for the most serious diseases.

As Jokic says, you should always know when your organism is on the defense, when you should start training and at what intensity, and the app will provide the overall picture of your current state and progress, based on which you can make the right decision as to whether to exercise or rest.

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– All you need to do is hold the plate with the sensors which sends information about your condition to the phone with both hands, with the thumbs and the index fingers. You then fill out a short form and get the current state of your organism displayed – Jokic explains.

Another option is for the phone camera to detect the heartbeat with the help of the app which is available at Google Play Store, requiring no additional devices, but, of course, as Jokic says, the accuracy is lower than if you used the device.

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– The Android app which currently has around 10,000 active users, uses only the camera and a Crowdsourcing portal, which, although still under development, still attracts users who can analyze their health condition through this portal and get advice on how to improve their general condition.

When it comes to mass use, Jokic says that the ideal scenario would be for the device to be used in hospitals and for industrial realization to be secured, but for now, considering that they are not yet connected with distributors, the devices can only be reserved.

– Our upcoming plans are to produce these devices industrially, that is, to have serial production and to finally realize our 300 pre-orders, since the device is still only a prototype. Also, we see an application in fitness, but we do hope that the device will be seriously implemented in medicine as well. I have to point out that we hope that the device will help raise awareness of the health of the heart and reduce the mortality rate related to heart disease – Jokic said.

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