Source: RTS | Friday, 24.05.2019.| 09:03
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Denmark well on its way to make its agriculture 100% organic by 2020

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Several years ago, Denmark reached the decision to make its entire agricultural production organic by 2020. They seem to be well on their way to achieving this goal.

The global boom of the organic market shows that more and more people are ready to spend more in order to get healthier food. This also brings considerable economic benefits, and, what’s more important, it reflects the awareness of each individual of how jeopardized healthy living is.

Denmark has put several hundred million euros in achieving this goal. Many schools and other institutions are putting emphasis on organic food. The successful action plan adopted by the government has produced results and concrete benefits, which are reflected in improved health of the country’s citizens, but also the reduced negative environmental impact.

Those that didn’t reorient to organic production have fallen into debt, whereas others have gone entirely bankrupt. In 2018, alone, this happened to 124 producers.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection still advocates the reorientation toward organic production, looking for a way to clean and prepare each square meter of fertile soil, so that it could be rented to those interested in eco-friendly agricultural production.

In addition to the reform carried out in the fields, a reform has also been carried out in schools through the introduction of subjects concerning health food, the importance of organic production and the ways of protecting the planet from further deterioration, that man is directly or indirectly to be blamed for.

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