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Innovations at the fair – Intelligent irrigation system and machines which communicate with each other

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Precision agriculture and implementation of new technologies have become increasingly important in the past years. Agriculturists understand that the situation in the agrarian sector is changing and that one needs to take care about how much is invested and what the results are. They had the opportunity to learn more about this at the 86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, which closed on May 17.

One of the companies traditionally present at this event, for more than a decade now, is Livona. They showcase precision agriculture equipment, and Aleksandar Coric, a mechanical engineer and the head of sales at Livona, explains what kind of equipment this is.

– We have two simulators which present the operations of automatic systems, which are implemented in tractors, combines, self-moving sprinklers and systems which guide self-moving machines along the parcels due to ideal directions of rows in farming.

The company also produces geodetic equipment and geoinformation systems. They also presented two drones which can be used in precision agriculture.

– In one or two flights, they can survey the state of the crops and help digitize the parcel. If machines are connected to navigators, the analyses can be used for variable dosage of seeds, fertilizers and chemical products. This way, agriculturists know exactly how to treat the soil and the crops, allowing them to realize optimal yields with lower investments and less labor – Coric notes.

They also presented the Trimble software, which unifies all the data.

– Available features include automatic data synchronization and the sharing of data between machines on the parcel, between the office and the machine, as well as between mobile phones tablets, desktop computers, whereby data concerning navigation and border lines can be transferred in real time – our interviewee says.

He adds that, today, their equipment is used in Serbia, B&H, Macedonia and Croatia by small farms, of 40 to 50 hectares, and large produces and the industry, where the areas amount to 10,000 to 40,000 hectares.

– The technology is widely used and, each year, 10-15% more equipment is implemented in our market. It doesn't just facilitate work, but also provides monitoring and calculation of the results and the savings made in a season – Aleksandar Coric says.

Intelligent irrigation system

The company Avital exhibited irrigation equipment, professional systems and water treatment and frost-protection equipment at the Master Hall within the fair. This year, they concentrated on digitization in agriculture, showcasing the new product of the company Netafim.

– We are presenting the latest thing in the global market – NetBeat. It's the first intelligent irrigation system. It is a computer which collects data from the field and analyzes them with the help of agriculturists and an assistance service. It then sends the data to the main control unit and gives instructions for the unit to control the irrigation system. It's a whole new thing in the global market – Olivera Lukacevic, the sales manager at Avital, revealed.

NetBeat is a technology that can be controlled by a smartphone too, and it is very simple to use. It uses a cloud technology to collect data. It is meant for small and large producers alike.

Aleksandra Kekic
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