Source: RTS | Monday, 22.04.2019.| 14:58
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Preparations for highway construction from Kuzmin to Sremska Raca begin – Workers' camp being raised

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The highway from Kuzmin to Sremska Raca should accelerate the transport of goods and passengers and link the E-70 highway with Republika Srpska.

– We are raising a camp for a thousand people that will work here. The project is worth around EUR 250 million – the head of the construction site, Jusuf Sadl, told RTS.

This infrastructural project is of great importance for the entire Srem. A total of 23 kilometers of road, two interchanges, a bridge on the Bosut and a new bridge on the Sava, 1,200 meters long, are all being built. According to Vladimir Sanader, the mayor of Sremska Mitrovica, this will enable a much quicker trade and the transport of goods through the border crossing.

– A new crossing will be built on the highway, aiming to prevent the traffic jams the likes of which occur at the Sremska Raca border crossing. On the other hand, the existing border crossing will be moved inside the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the residents of Raca will therefore no longer need to pass through the border crossing.

The road corridor will be 300-m wide, and the arable land will remain accessible.

Considering that the highway will be built through farms in Srem, undeveloped building land will be bought out at a considerably higher price. Currently, around half of the arable land is state-owned.

The deadline for the completion of the works is six years, but the Turkish builders expect the construction to be over before the deadline. The foundation stone for the new bridge on the Sava near Sremska Raca should take place in mid-2019.

The Kuzmin-Sremska Raca section, on which the agreement was signed in late 2018, is a part of the future Belgrade-Sarajevo highway.
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