Source: Tanjug | Sunday, 21.04.2019.| 13:10
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Employment of foreigners in Serbia to be facilitated

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Explaining the proposed amendments to the Law on Employing Foreigners, Serbian Labor Minister Zoran Djordjevic said that the employment of foreigners would be simplified.

He emphasizes that this will facilitate investments in Serbia by foreign investors.

Djordjevic says that, since the implementation of the law in December 2014, the National Employment Service (NES) has issued around 33,160 working permits.

The minister also says that certain issues related to the law regarding the simplification of procedures were addressed in 2017 and 2018.

Djordjevic notes that the new amendments are accompanied by amendments to the Law on Foreigners, where the procedure of obtaining temporary residence permits is simplified, whereas the regulations for obtaining visas for a longer stay are further specified.

For example, while the foreigner is still in the process of obtaining the visa for an employment-based longer stay and while they are still abroad, the employer may initiate activities with the NES to the end of issuing the working permit, the minister noted.

As he added, a unified procedure is now to be carried out by the NES in extending working permits for referred persons and for moving within a company, and the amendments also envisage the possibility of issuing a working permit to a foreigner who has had the visa for an employment-based longer stay approved.

The unified procedure means that the responsibility of obtaining documentation and everything else necessary is transferred to the NES, which significantly facilitates the procedure of extending working permits for employers.

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