Source: Beta | Friday, 03.07.2009.| 11:32
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Presentation of most successful women of Serbia - Nada Momirović, Milenka Jezdimirović and Jasmina Knežević

Monograph "The Most Successful Business Women of Serbia - Top 50", which includes their biographies, was presented yesterday (July 2nd, 2009) in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (PKS).

The three most successful women in 2009 are: Art Director in company "Mona", Nada Momirović, the Director General of insurance company "Dunav osiguranje", Milenka Jezdimirović, and the Director of hospital "Bel medic", Jasmina Knežević.

Based on the set criteria, 50 business women voted and selected the best three among them.

The President of the Assembly of PKS, Miroslav Miletić, said that woman was equal participant in all social events and one of the supporting pillars of the social system.

- This is the generation of more beautiful and successful sex - Miletić pointed out.

The Vice President of PKS, Vidosava Džagić, pointed out that business women marked the time at which the new system of values was being created.

- Success does not depend on sex and size of muscles, but on skills and mental strength - said Ms. Džagić.

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