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(AUREA 2019 AWARD NOMINATION): VOZZi - Mobile road help app

The Belgrade-based company KOV Technology has developed the VOZZi app – a platform for drivers which offers road help to its users, as well as annual road help packages, but also the purchase of road insurance and connection with companies which offer various features for drivers and their vehicles (services, car sale, pneumatics...).

The VOZZi mobile platform project was initiated as an idea arising from the real need of every driver in Serbia. The founder, Vladimir Sijakovic, had to use towing services several times in 2016 and realized how what should be a simple service had been complicated and how little an average user knew what the service entails and how it is paid for.

As the era of mobile devices is in full swing and as mobile phones are becoming a tool through which we find, use and pay for goods and services, the idea of a mobile car mechanic who helps drivers find help on the road has turned into the first version of the mobile app – Mile Cvik. The idea was for it/him to be a local mobile car mechanic, always available in one's pocket, who knows exactly where you are if you need help, how much time he needs to reach you and what the service will cost.

In mid-2018, Mile Cvik became VOZZi (registered trademark), a brand which has become a platform for drivers. As a user of these services, you see everything and pay the service at the same price anywhere in Serbia. The system behind the app automates the entire process, with the exception of the towing and the repair on site. This is done by partners, who sign cooperation agreements with KOV Technology and comply with the strict standards set by the Terms of Service Use.
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VOZZi primarily offers help on the road and various kinds of annual packages for help on the road. Also the platform offers the possibility of purchasing travel insurance and connecting with companies which offer various features for drivers and their vehicles (services, car sale, pneumatics...).

To that end, VOZZi allocates personalized VOZZi cards to its users with personalized numerical codes and QR codes in order for the user to be able to use the benefits of the platform. By scanning the QR code, you activate your road help package and use the discounts companies offer through the mobile app. All this is done through a mobile phone, without having to go to the offices, phoning, browsing the web and wasting your time. Payment is also done through the app – by payment card or through a payment slip.

With all the innovations in using road help, VOZZi deserves to be called a platform which keeps developing every day from the lessons learned from the users and the partner companies. The users, of which there are more and more each day, but also the partners, which recognize the future in a heretofore “analog” activity, recognize the value of the platform and register each day. The biggest benefit for both is the saving of time and money, the removal of stress from a seemingly simple activity and trust.

KOV Technology is working on the realization of the project with numerous partners and their system currently features 172 active trucks throughout Serbia. The idea is for the user to connect with the nearest service in real time under certain conditions and at the prices that are equal for all. The app is free for all users and available at Google Play and App Store.

It's important to note that this is a unique app in Serbia and the region. There's practically no competition in Serbia. There are successful companies and associations which provide road help services and insurance services, but VOZZi still has the advantage of being a technological company which provides a system that connects users and partners, so that they are both satisfied and provided with insight into what they pay on one side and their operations on the other.
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The first and the main benefit of VOZZi is reflected in the saving of time and money and the reduction of stress.

Without stress, people make the right decisions and take care of themselves, their families and their car better. A seemingly banal thing such as the car breaking down on the road or the uncertainty as to where travel insurance can be bought is no longer a source of stress. With VOZZi, you can use the technology developed to help you.

Using such technology, with a slight adjustment in thinking, people start to think ahead. They no longer believe that it can't happen to them and they start to recommend the app to each other, as they begin to understand what it is meant for and what the global use is – to help others.

The culture of using mobile phones as tools to help others is already established, and VOZZi is a leader in the region, and even in Europe, as a system which was made, which operates and which has proven its concept in Serbia. VOZZi continues to develop, intending to become a platform that will help change the perception of safety, not just in traveling, but in general. Road safety must always be considered, not only when the situation becomes critical.
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The possibilities for growth and development of the project are truly big. The numbers show that there are around 2 million registered cars in Serbia alone, but VOZZi wants to go further. Today, VOZZi has around 23,000 users, and the plan is for the number to grow to 150,000 by the end of the year.

The platform is scalable in any country in the region or in Europe, where it is even easier to implement and maintain the system, because the way of thinking is different and people regularly use all kinds of insurance of annual road help subscriptions. The system can facilitate the situation in these countries and raise the “analog” service to another level, towards digitalization.

Has VOZZi proven its concept? With the purchase of the first road help package or travel insurance policy, the concept is proven. The market has a need for this technology and products the technology offers and supports. The market changes, and VOZZi carefully follows the events, but also sets trends and invests a lot to present the trends to users.

The time and the expertise invested in the creation of the VOZZi platform have created a comparative advantage in the road help market. This is the only system in the region that provides the service it does, functioning as a mobile app installed on users' and partners' phones.

This is what makes VOZZi specific. The platform doesn't have a call center and no sales outlets. VOZZi has the technology and gives it to its clients for use. One day, one's wealth will be measured not by how much one earns from one's knowledge, but how much of that knowledge one shares with others. We can agree that this is the future.

In addition to technological advantages and impact on the users through initiating a change in thinking and using services, VOZZi certainly allows a return on the investment through earnings from the provision of road help services and the sale of road help packages and travel insurance policies.

It should be said that, in the case of the provision of road help services, it is not VOZZi that earns, but its partners. Through the use of its system, VOZZi increases the offer in the market and increases access to these services at transparent prices. With the increase in the number of users and partners, the likeliness of the platform's commercial success increasingly progressing becomes very real.

This primarily pertains to the expansion to the surrounding countries and some European countries, where the system would function identically. Of course, this requires additional investments and time, but the system is ready for it.

If the VOZZi mobile platform is your investment of the year favorite, you can vote for it on Aurea's official website.

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