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(AUREA 2019 AWARD NOMINATION): Ott System - Natural ergonomic sleeping system

Ecovolve d.o.o. has created the first natural ergonomic sleeping system in Serbia. This system consists of 3 main components: a full-body wooden bed without metal parts, coated in natural oil, a fully natural ergonomic slat and a 100% natural mattress.

The whole system is made in Serbia, using local workforce and the available local materials. The innovation is in the system itself and in the production processes necessary for the establishment of the production.

The project was launched in cooperation with French partners, together with whom the Ott System brand was made. It matches the best natural sleeping systems in the leading countries, such as Germany and Austria. It is currently exported to France, and the sale in the Serbian market started in December 2018.

People spend almost a third of their lives in sleep. It is not only necessary, but crucial to our normal cognitive functioning and survival. Although sleep is affected by many factors, it is very important what kind of bed one sleeps in.

The bed should be the place where one's body can fully relax, providing optimal sleeping conditions. Furthermore, it shouldn't be harmful to one's health.

This is complicated by the changes in our environment and the materials used in the making of beds and mattresses. That's why Ecovolve came to the idea to create this fully natural sleeping system, which is innovative above all, while also having a positive impact on people's health.
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Ott System is a fully natural ergonomic sleeping system consisting of three components, each of them innovative. It consists of: a massive wood bed coated in natural oil without metal hinges (wood on wood); a specially designed, fully adjustable slat system, which is the core of the innovation; and a 100% natural mattress made of natural latex, wool and organic cotton.

Ecovolve has put in place in Serbia the production of solid wood bed frame without any metal assembly. This requires the use of traditional and innovative assembly systems for which the company had to create new tools and new methods using a CNC Machine. These types of assembly are particularly demanding on the wood which needs to be of premium quality and perfectly dry.

Consequently, the company had to get involved in the supply and the drying process of the wood in Serbia to get what it needed. Beds are finished in respect of the wood which stays a natural material that breathes and can last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Several problems needed to be solved in creating this system.

First, provide a lasting, ergonomic foundation for one to sleep. Instead of offering a thick mattress resting on wooden slats that don’t bring much more than ventilation, the innovation is to place the specially designed slat system at the core of the solution.

Second, the electro-magnetic pollution (wireless, mobile, etc…) is everywhere. Use of metal in the bed (metal springs, metal frames, metal assembly) acts as an amplifier that has become such a problem that studies show its carcinogenic effect. The innovation is to get rid of all metal including metal assembly.

Third, the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) caused by varnish on the bed frames, by synthetic foams of various sort in the mattresses or by the use of particle boards, plywood or melamine. These VOC are potentially carcinogenic and allergenic. They greatly contribute to indoor pollution. The innovation is to only use solid wood, natural oil finish and natural materials thus eliminating VOC completely.

Fourth, the use of thick mattresses and non-breathable synthetic materials enclosed in nonserviceable sealed covers prevent natural air flow and creates an accumulation of humidity that exacerbates development of dust mites, bacteria and microscopic fungi thus causing allergies and all sort of health problems. The innovation is to make the complete system breathable and serviceable. Air circulates thorough the slat system and the mattress. Every single component can be opened, cleaned and possibly changed as needed.

Fifth and not least, the impact of the mattress industry on the environment is disastrous. The manufacturing of synthetic foams is a great source of pollution and nothing is planned regarding their disposal after end of life. Their cheap price is paid back greatly by the damages they cause to the environment. The innovation is to reduce the environmental impact to the minimum by the use of natural materials and by fighting against planned obsolescence using environment friendly, serviceable and durable components.

The ergonomic natural slat system is at the core of the Ott System solution. It is made of solid ash wood slats that rest on 100% natural latex beams. The firmness and the number of beams can be adjusted to provide a customized support for each individual. Each latex beam is dressed up in an organic cotton jersey first cover and then in an external cover which holds an elastic in which slats are slid. The system can be further customized thanks to addition made of wood called Absolute Comfort Kit, which can be set beneath the latex beams.

Mattresses in Ott System are made of pure natural latex for comfort and wool for well-being. It is not more than 12 to 15 cm thick in order to be ventilated and to let the slat system work. Pure natural latex is resilient and long lasting while wool regulates heat and humidity. This approach goes opposite to the common ones which propose very thick mattresses and advertise the thickness as a marketing argument.

Ott System mattresses are fully serviceable. The all-natural latex core is protected in an organic cotton jersey first cover that can be opened with a zipper. That set is placed in a second organic cotton cover which can be fitted with a wool mattress topper. The mattress topper can also be quilted with organic cotton felt.
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The development of a fully ergonomic sleeping system, which is produced in Serbia, has numerous benefits.

As the company uses wood and wool from Serbia in its production, the development of sales in the country and abroad will help maintain the supply chain, valorizing the local wood and especially wool, which is underutilized. Also, the fact that the entire system is produced in Serbia will have a considerable impact on the creation of production and sales jobs.

No coatings or synthetic foams are used in the production, which helps protect the workers, as they don’t have to breathe in chemical vapors (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC). End-users are also protected from the strong effects of VOC and the presence of metals in their beds. Finally, the ergonomic quality of the solution can bring relief to people who suffer from back pain and are unable to find a solution.

In designing their solution, Ecovolve took environmental protection into consideration too. The entire Ott System is made of four natural materials, which are fully biodegradable. The use of organic cotton eschews the use of pesticides and the accompanying pollution. This is counter to synthetic foams and cloths which are usually found in mattresses, being a great source of pollution.

The fact that this advanced natural system is produced in Serbia is very positive for the country’s image abroad, and the product will also be imported to numerous countries. It’s important to note that the Ott System brand, under which the product is sold in the country and abroad, is clearly identified as strong cooperation between France and Serbia.
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The development of a natural bedding solution offers great perspectives in Serbia as in the whole region. First and foremost, there is a real demand for natural and healthy bedding solutions. That demand has not been fulfilled, so Evolve has an opportunity to capture the market first, as the competition is still not there.

This goes into a deep trend of people seeking for genuinely healthy, natural and durable products. The fact that Ott System is entirely made in Serbia makes it competitive on the local market and on the market of the neighboring countries. The fact that Ott System has been made in collaboration with French partners and is exported to France gives it credibility and places it at the level of best solutions found in western European countries such as Germany or Austria.

The company plans to direct its sale efforts to individuals, but also to hotels that want to stand out from the competition. They have already equipped three hotels in France, so it's apparent that the market is opening to this kind of offer.

Ecovolve plans further innovations in two complementary directions. First, they see many possibilities to create new models and new additions to their line of solid wood beds. Once the duality no metal assembly/quality dry wood is solved many things become possible.

Also, the company would like to explore the possibility to do for living room coaches what it did for beds. That is to create a solid wood, no metal, all-natural healthy coach that could possibly be convertible.

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