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NIS and "Srbijagas" signed contract for gas storage "Banatski dvor"

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Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) and public company "Srbijagas" signed about 1 billion RSD worth of contracts yesterday (June 17, 2009) for works on construction of underground gas storage in Banatski Dvor.

According to the announcement, NIS will carry out the works on drilling and equipping of eight new borings and it will be in charge of reconstruction of two existing borings in gas field, which will enable loading of gas in the storage.

- The works are expected to be completed before December 2009 - it is pointed out and added that the borings will also be used for production of gas for "Srbijagas".

- The contracts with NIS on drilling of borings will enable continuous production of 5m cubic meters of gas per day - said Dušan Bajatović, the Director General of "Srbijagas".

As he pointed out, in the case of crisis, the quantities of gas that Serbia was receiving from Hungary and Germany at the time of the gas crisis at the beginning of the year could be completely replaced.

Works in gas field will be carried out by "NIS-Naftagas", and the company has already prepared complete project-technical documentation and started procurement of necessary equipment.

The Director General of NIS, Kiril Kravčenko, said that gas storage Banatski Dvor represented strategic element of the energy system in Serbia, and he expressed belief that the servicing teams of "Naftagas" would give contribution to strengthening of energy stability and security in Serbia.

Once the borings are drilled and equipped, the conditions will be created for exploitation of underground gas storage, which will provide necessary quantities of gas for the next heating season.

Underground gas storage "Banatski dvor" represents an extension of the exploitation of fully exploited gas deposit with 3.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Total surface of the gas storage is about 54 square kilometers.

In accordance with the project dossier, once the construction is completed, the capacity of the gas storage will amount to 800m cubic meters of gas, and it will take about 10 years for the storage to be finished.

Gas storage "Banatski dvor" is 22 kilometers away from Zrenjanin and 44 kilometers away from the main gas knot in Gospođinci.

Underground gas storage is currently connected to gas knot in Elemir by means of two gas pipelines, and it should also be connected to the main gas knot in Gospođinci.

It is stated in the announcement that the construction of underground gas storage "Banatski dvor" commenced in 2005.

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